The mission of New Galaxy Music is to create proprietary and client-based musical properties of a positive and inspirational nature. In conjunction with some of the performers and composers we present here, we know that it is possible to create music that is not fueled by commercial motivations but by deep inspiration and a real commitment to artistry. We hope, like in earlier decades and with some tweaking of the unfair and exploitational way that musical artists are shortchanged by the system, that musical work and its compensation will rise to new and even better levels.

In the course of a number of years, I have interviewed and worked with some very creative people, some of which are working with me right now. New Galaxy Music develops proprietary and client-based products. As content developers, we can also help musical artists you to create or enhance your profile, promote your songs and develop products that might be associated with musical content- like videos, dramatic vehicles or promotions of your talent in audio and video venues.